Thursday, May 15, 2008

I know...

I promised pictures, but obviously I'm a liar. (The Lord has already forgiven me, so you should too.) I don't have any yet. BUT... I do have Chris's Sr. Sermon! He did a fantastic job!

Check it out!

Also, Vicki's Sr. Sermon is on here, if you want to listen to hers. She did a great job too!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Big Weekend Ahead

We are all moved in! Hooray! Thanks to our wonderful, wonderful friends, we are all (mostly all) settled in. All we really have left to do is sort through one bin of miscellaneous junk, and finish the laundry. The new place is mostly great. Aside from the dryer no longer drying, the washer leaking, the dishwasher leaking, and the oven the caught on fire...everything is great. I know you're thinking those are big issues, but they fixed the oven, and soon they will be looking at the dishwasher. Chris is going to take a look at the washer, and well the dryer is a mystery, but who needs dry clothes anyway. As long as they're clean, right? I figure it could be worse, I mean Vicki has a hole in her kitchen ceiling. At least I don't have that. :)
Chris has finished school! (for now) Hooray again! This weekend all of his family, and a handful of mine (yay!) are coming in to celebrate and participate in all of the graduation festivities. It will be crazy, but a lot of fun! I am really looking forward to seeing my mom, brother, and papaw. I'm sad that the rest of the clan can't make it, but I'll be in good ole' Indy in just a few weeks for my brother's graduation (I can't believe he's not 5 anymore!), and I'll get to see everyone then.

In Owen News:

We're doing pretty well. He has only peed four times in the new place, and only pooped once. Not bad, I'd say! His new favorite thing though, is running up and down the stairs...that's kind of annoying. Hey, you win some, you lose some.

Sorry, Chris's Sr. Sermon still isn't posted. Those people are so slow! I will post it as soon as I have it, and I will post pictures from this weekend and the new apartment. Stay tuned!