Saturday, March 7, 2009

A not so timely post...

I am really slacking on keeping up with my blogging! There really is plenty to report on what has been going on lately, but if I may make an excuse for myself, these last two weeks of work have been exhausting in every way! I have really just come home and crashed every day!
Anyway, today I am posting the pictures I promised.

It's official! I am a Texas driver. (actually I prefer to think of myself as an Indiana driver with a Texas license... if you have ever had to drive in Dallas, I sure you understand why).
These pictures were in our wedding, and they were made to match it. They used to match our bedroom, but since we have gotten new bedding they needed updated. Nothing too thrilling, but a goal accomplished, none the less!

And finally... I have started working on a baby blanket! Now I just need someone to have a baby!